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Everything about Praia da Costa in Vila Velha:

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If you are looking for a place to enjoy the beauty of the Espírito Santo coast, Praia da Costa in Vila Velha is a great option. This beach is one of the most famous and busiest in the city, which is just 5 km from the capital Vitória. With an extensive strip of fine white sand, crystal clear waters and a complete infrastructure, Praia da Costa offers fun and comfort for all tastes. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this incredible destination. Check out!

Praia da costa
Everything about Praia da Costa in Vila Velha: 11

How to get to Praia da Costa

For those arriving by plane, Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport, in Vitória, is the closest to Praia da Costa. From there, you can take a taxi, a bus or a transport app to Vila Velha. The route is very simple: just follow Avenida Fernando Ferrari until the entrance to Vila Velha. Then, continue along Avenida Champagnat until you see the beachfront.

If you prefer to go by car, there are several highways that connect Espírito Santo to neighboring states, such as BR-101 and BR-262. You can consult the map and the best route to get to Praia da Costa on Maps.

What to do in Praia da Costa

Praia da Costa is a place that appeals to all types of travelers. Whether you want to relax, have fun or go on adventure, there is plenty to do there. See some of the main attractions:

Enjoy the sea and sand

Praia da Costa has a calm and transparent sea, ideal for swimming and for children to play. The sand is soft and clean, perfect for sunbathing or playing sports such as volleyball and football. The waterfront is well structured, with kiosks, bars, restaurants, promenade and bike path. You can rent chairs, umbrellas and even kayaks to enjoy the day at the beach.

Discover the neighboring beaches

Praia da Costa is part of a long coastline that stretches for around 10 km, covering other beaches such as Itapoã and Itaparica. Each of them has its characteristics and attractions. Itapoã Beach has a rougher sea, with some waves, and is popular with surfers and young people. Praia de Itaparica has an even stronger sea, with high waves that are not recommended for swimmers. However, this beach is quieter and empty, ideal for those who want peace and quiet.

Praia da Costa
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Diving on nearby islands

Near Praia da Costa, there is an island that forms a beautiful natural setting.
Pituan Islands and Itatiaia Island
You can take a boat or speedboat trip to them and snorkel or dive. It’s an incredible experience that you can’t miss!

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Visit the Penha Convent

One of the main tourist attractions in Vila Velha is the Convento da Penha, a historical and religious monument that sits on top of a hill, about 2 km from Praia da Costa. The convent was founded in 1558 by Frei Pedro Palácios and houses an image of Our Lady of Penha, patron saint of Espírito Santo. From the top of the convent, you can have a panoramic view of the city and the sea. To get there, you can walk up a trail or take a free bus that leaves from the center of Vila Velha.

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Where to eat in Praia da Costa

Praia da Costa has a wide variety of gastronomic options for all tastes and budgets. You can find everything from quick snacks at the kiosks along the waterfront to sophisticated restaurants serving typical dishes from Espírito Santo cuisine. Some of the local specialties are the capixaba moqueca, the shrimp bobó, the capixaba pie and the caranguejada. Here are some suggestions for where to eat in Praia da Costa:

Where to stay in Praia da Costa

Praia da Costa has a good accommodation offer for all types of travelers. You can find everything from simple and economical hotels to luxury and comfort resorts. Most hotels are close to the beach, making access and movement easier.

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