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The 23 Best Places To Travel In 2023 (english)

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Are you Looking for ideas for your next travel destination? Look no further than our list of the best travel destinations in the world! From tropical beaches, mountains to historic cities, we’ve got something for every type of traveler. In our list of top travel destinations we show you around places like Bali, the Swiss Alps, Paris, Tanzania and much more. Global tourism in 2023 has somewhat recovered since the challenges of 2023. We now have more open borders for exploring the best travel destinations on earth. If you enjoy this travel documentary then you can check out our other travel vlogs and travel videos from around the world.

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Autumn is right around the corner. Where’s your favorite place to take a picture of the leaves? Obviously for me it’s New England ?. Vermont might be my favorite or New Hampshire. All of these pictures were taken in Vermont. Which is your favorite?

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